Announcement Coming Soon!

We are looking to make an announcement regarding The Mind's Eclipse in the next few weeks. Until then, please check out our most recent trailers:

More Music Talent Joins the Team

The Mind's Eclipse Team is excited to welcome our newest team member! Below is a sample of work Brandi "Tella" Parker has already done for the game! Be sure to check it out!

Brandi Parker

Website @

SoundCloud @

Brandi Parker is a musician, performer and composer originally from Arkansas. Musically known as “Tella,” she is now based in NYC.

In a career writing music spanning 20 years, she moved to NYC in the early 2000’s, at which point she spent some time playing in various genres of bands and music projects. After many projects dissolved, she decided to focus less on performance and built a small studio to focus more on recording. Since that point, she’s diversified her music experience into composing for film, television and video games. 

Whether by live instruments, virtual, or a combination of both, she brings the music to life. Her primary instrument is guitar, though often she writes on piano.

She is thrilled to be a member of the Mind’s Eclipse team, working on an innovative title in the fast-growing video game genre of Visual Novels.

SciFi Item Illustrations and More!

February was a crazy month for the team! We polished so much within the game as we begin our race to release this summer.

First things first:

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New Item Illustrations:

We are very excited about our new item illustrations and how they will fit into gameplay. Below is an example interaction once the player has found two required items to open the airlock door.

Also, we've been rethinking the item descriptions and realize that they offer an opportunity to do some world building. Below is an example item from the demo. We made new illustrations for all of the items as well as added new descriptions that will help with world building. We are very excited for players to find all of the hidden items!

New In-Game Posters:

We are also excited to show off some new posters and propaganda that can be found around the game. These will really help to immerse people within the world we've created!

New Visual Artists!

We are very excited to welcome two new visual artists to the team! They will be helping us finish and polish the game this Winter and Spring in order to make a June delivery date!

Below is some of the fabulous work they've already done on the game:

Olivia Mercurio

Website @

Olivia is a sequential artist and character designer from Ithaca, New York. She studied sequential art and storyboarding at Savannah College of Art and Design. You can see her work on her website. Interests include: arguing, science fiction, and bees. She is also a fan of reptiles (including alligators!) 

Lauren Walsh

Website @

Instagram @LaurenWalshArt

Lauren Walsh is a freelance illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her BA in English and Art at the Pennsylvania State University. Lauren specializes in digital media and pen and ink. In her personal work, she explores what it means to be a strong female in comic books and video games. When Lauren isn't healing a Tank who pulls too many mobs or rezing the DPS who stood in the fire (...again), she fosters an appreciation for fantasy and science fiction in her nephew.

End of the Year Review!

Progress and New Release Window!

By the end of the year, Donald will have finished preliminary programming of the entire game! Since September 2015, the game has changed and grown in scope to include 6 distinct areas of gameplay!

Having these distinct regions allows us to tell an immersive story that we've always wanted. We've brought on a number of new artists to help us polish and finish the game. With that in mind, we expect the game to be finished no later than June 2017. We believe this release window will allow us sufficient time to finish and polish the game, as well as attend to other duties such as attending multiple conferences in the Spring.


We had the amazing Emily H show up to our booth dressed as L! Click the picture to see her Instagram portfolio!

We had the amazing Emily H show up to our booth dressed as L! Click the picture to see her Instagram portfolio!

At the end of October, the team traveled to Gameacon in Atlantic City. We showed off The Mind's Eclipse for two days straight! The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Players were genuinely excited to discover more about the CORE and the Eclipse. And they posed the question: "Who is COSy?"




Other Changes

We are currently rethinking our drag and drop item use system. We find it to be clunky and doesn't make much sense later in the game. We are experimenting replacing it with a menu system. We think this change would make the game stronger since it was never meant to be a true point and click adventure. The items are simply there to guide the player and require them to explore the environments, so that they discover more messages and dialogue topics between the main characters.

New Menu System in Action!

Playable Demo!

If you haven't already, come check out our playable demo, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

New Interview - We are on a podcast!

Donald meets with the 2nd Rounds On Us podcast to discuss The Mind's Eclipse, video games, science fiction, and yes, even alligator wrestling!

You can find more from the 2nd Round Crew over on their site:

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Marketplace Teaser and Off to Gameacon!

Newest Trailer!

We are excited to share our newest teaser trailer for The Mind's Eclipse featuring 2 minutes of brand-new gameplay!

Off to Gameacon in Atlantic City

As a reminder, we are heading off this weekend to partake in Gameacon, a video game conference focusing on independent video game developers! We will have a table set up where we will be showcasing our playable demo and never before seen gameplay footage. We will also have a limited number of physical demos available for people to take home.
There's also been rumors that we might see some Mind's Eclipse cosplay in the wild!

1 Year Old!

It's been 1 year since I sat down and made the first start screen for The Mind's Eclipse. I only had an idea of the story and had not programmed a single line of code for the game yet.

Since then, this project has morphed into a work of art that has exceeded my wildest dreams.

A special thank you to Dianne Yingst, Langdon Herrick, Chris Howell, and Ryan Baxter for riding this crazy train with me.

And a big thanks to all of our loved ones who let us stretch the definition of "Hobby".

-Donald Campbell

Cyberpunk Marketplace and More! - August 2016 update

Progress update

It's been a crazy couple of months for the team. We've been working hard towards finishing the area dubbed as "The Marketplace." This region of the game is actually larger than the first two combined! There's more dialogue, more messages, and even more cutscenes to be enjoyed!

New Let's Plays and Interviews!

In the last couple of months, we've seen a variety of articles, dev interviews, and Let's Plays pop up regarding the game. The team really appreciates all of the support you guys have shown us, and it is great to see other people excited about The Mind's Eclipse.

In case you missed it, Donald did a developer interview with Wes Platt at Prologue Games which is now hosted on Gamasutra. He also did an earlier interview with Kyree Leary at Kill Screen. If you want to learn about the inspiration behind The Mind's Eclipse and what tools we are using to make the game, go check these out!

If you enjoy Let's Plays, we recently had one of YouTube's top influencers, Markiplier, check out our demo. At the time of this writing, the video has over 900k views! Thank you to Mark for uploading this video and a big thanks to everyone who has left supportive comments and feedback regarding the game. You can watch the full video here:


If you haven't already, go check out our playable demo. We've received over 1000 downloads at this point! It can be found here:

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Sample poster design that will be on display at Gameacon this October.


The team will be attending Gameacon, an indie centric video game conference, in Atlantic City New Jersey in October. We will have a table at the conference with a playable demo of The Mind's Eclipse as well as a limited number of physical copies to take home.

Newest Teaser Trailer - The Corridor

We are proud to show off the progress being made on The Mind's Eclipse by sharing with you our newest game trailer:

The Corridor was meant to be a simple transition zone within the game. However, as we sat down to really hammer out the details, we found that this area offered a rich opportunity to explore more of the CORE's backstory as well as intensify the mystery of the game world.

This area has tripled in size since its original inception and we couldn't be happier with it.

As a reminder, we were Greenlit on Steam in the Spring and if you haven't already, please come check out our playable demo ( ~20min ):

Finally, we are slower in updating this website and dev blog, but we update Twitter nearly everyday and Facebook about once a week. Please follow us there for more frequent updates!

Steam Greenlight Success!

I am humbled to formally announce that The Mind's Eclipse was Greenlit by Valve after only 9 days!

The responses we have received have been loud and clear: people love the approach we are taking for this game, and they are excited to get their hands on it.

The team and myself are thrilled to continue working to bring this game to life. We just had a team meeting yesterday, and we've solidified our plans to get the finished game out to people in a timely manner.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, do check out our playable demo:

And be sure to check out some awesome previews written about The Mind's Eclipse:



The Daily Fandom - ‘The Mind’s Eclipse’ Sci-Fi Visual Novel Game (Preview)


Finally, if you are a huge fan of Let's Plays, come check out these great YouTube videos of our demo in action:

The Mind's Eclipse - Demo Let's Play

- Donald Campbell

Steam Greenlight: The first week

Hi Fans!

With your help, we have continued our strong climb to the Top 100 on Steam Greenlight!

We've been spreading the word about The Mind's Eclipse as much as possible with the hope that we will be Greenlit soon, and you will be able to enjoy this beautiful game currently in production.

We visited the East Coast Gaming Conference, where we received a lot of awesome feedback and support from players and fellow game developers:

We've also been featured on some Twitch Streams and Let's Plays:

Shattered Controllers


Also in the Press:



Please remember to tell your friends about The Mind's Eclipse. Every vote and comment helps push us closer to Greenlight!

If you are interested in doing a Let's Play or Twitch stream of the demo, please contact us here, on twitter or via email (themindseclipse at gmail dot com).

The Eclipse draws near.

Interacting with our environments

Hi Fans!

The Mind's Eclipse team has been hard at work over the past few weeks polishing our upcoming playable demo. Below our some brand new screenshots showing off new explorable environments, our new user interface changes, and a taste of what's to come for our cutscenes!

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Showing off new interactive environments. The wall mounted computer is currently selected.

Showing off new interactive environments. The wall mounted computer is currently selected.

Discovering new usable items within the environment. 

Discovering new usable items within the environment. 

New inventory system with a bit of humor!

New inventory system with a bit of humor!

New map system! 

New map system! 

A taste of what is to come for our cutscenes! 

A taste of what is to come for our cutscenes!