Donald Campbell

Director, Lead Programmer and Storyteller

Donald was made in Louisiana. But please don't ask him about alligator wrestling. Knowing something about programming and a lot about video games (ok, and a little bit about gator wrestlin'), he hopes to give back to the video game community by creating thought-provoking, interactive experiences. He believes video games can be great art and are the perfect medium for helping us to understand ourselves and each other.


Visual Art

DK Yingst is a digital freelance illustrator based in Louisiana with a BA in Visual Arts from Southeastern Louisiana University. Through her work, DK investigates social breakdown and human perseverance during tragedy. Currently, she is exploring storytelling through sequential art and choice-based video games. 

DK's Portfolio:


Co-Editor and Art Consultation

Langdon Herrick cultivated a fear of alligators at an early age and moved halfway across a continent to escape it. His dreams, however, remain swampy and teeming with submerged wildlife. He writes for The Advocate in Louisiana and for the text-based mobile game Survivor Z. He also gets paid to lock people inside puzzle rooms for Escapism Portland. 



Christopher Howell is currently a PhD student in American Religion at Duke University. His undergrad education was in history at the University of California, Riverside, and he is also a graduate of Duke Divinity School. He has worked both in the non-profit world, and has also taught English as a foreign language in Prague, Czech Republic. His interests include history, theology, science fiction, baseball, and complaining about the weather. He naively believes that the Los Angeles Dodgers will one day win the World Series, but is paralyzed by the fear that it will not happen in the next century. He and his wife, Mary Carol, live in Durham, North Carolina, with their dog Garrus.


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Ryan Baxter is a freelance composer/producer creating custom audio support for visual media. As a 90’s teenager he viewed sampling concrete sound as his first musical instrument, and in the time since, has built up a range of techniques and styles integrating traditional instruments with digital tools. Having worked on projects related to hip-hop, minimal techno, rock, folk, electro-acoustic chamber music, and American primitive guitar, he can approach the audio needs of a visual piece from multiple angles while creating a unified style signature for the project as a whole. He’s equally comfortable creating subtle, contemplative soundscapes or driving, somatic beats. He’s also very curious about the evolution of video games as a medium for engaging increasingly diverse and sophisticated aspects of the player’s mind. 

Olivia Mercurio

Website @

Olivia is a sequential artist and character designer from Ithaca, New York. She studied sequential art and storyboarding at Savannah College of Art and Design. You can see her work on her website. Interests include: arguing, science fiction, and bees. She is also a fan of reptiles (including alligators!) 

Lauren Walsh

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Instagram @LaurenWalshArt

Lauren Walsh is a freelance illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her BA in English and Art at the Pennsylvania State University. Lauren specializes in digital media and pen and ink. In her personal work, she explores what it means to be a strong female in comic books and video games. When Lauren isn't healing a Tank who pulls too many mobs or rezing the DPS who stood in the fire (...again), she fosters an appreciation for fantasy and science fiction in her nephew.

Brandi Parker

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Brandi Parker is a musician, performer and composer originally from Arkansas. Musically known as “Tella,” she is now based in NYC.

In a career writing music spanning 20 years, she moved to NYC in the early 2000’s, at which point she spent some time playing in various genres of bands and music projects. After many projects dissolved, she decided to focus less on performance and built a small studio to focus more on recording. Since that point, she’s diversified her music experience into composing for film, television and video games. 

Whether by live instruments, virtual, or a combination of both, she brings the music to life. Her primary instrument is guitar, though often she writes on piano.

She is thrilled to be a member of the Mind’s Eclipse team, working on an innovative title in the fast-growing video game genre of Visual Novels.