Bringing Our Characters to Life: L

When creating a story-driven game, dialogue and characters become especially important.

For The Mind’s Eclipse, we’ve decided to convey most of the story through dialogue with characters and uncovering forgotten messages.

Sarcastic L

Sarcastic L

One of the most important, most frequent characters that the player encounters is L.

You meet L at the beginning of the game. She immediately tells you her origin: an artificial intelligence that, just like you, has been abandoned and forgotten in this place.

L becomes your companion throughout the entirety of The Mind’s Eclipse. The main character (player) and L converse frequently, so we wanted to give them different voices and personalities.

L’s personality exudes playful sarcasm. She frequently pokes fun at the player, making jokes when the main character is afraid or asks too many questions.

L’s agenda is sometimes unclear to the player, having them doubt her intentions, but we strive to make her a real and likable character.

The Ren’Py Game Engine allows us to switch character expressions during dialogue. This allows us to perform basic animations for L, allowing her to show different emotions and body language as she speaks. These simple animations help L express herself better and allows the player to empathize with her character.

Sketching out L's other expressions

Sketching out L's other expressions

We hope to give L  a wide range of real, human emotions by the time The Mind’s Eclipse releases.

See the gameplay video below to see L's personality and animations in action! 


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