New Visual Artists!

We are very excited to welcome two new visual artists to the team! They will be helping us finish and polish the game this Winter and Spring in order to make a June delivery date!

Below is some of the fabulous work they've already done on the game:

Olivia Mercurio

Website @

Olivia is a sequential artist and character designer from Ithaca, New York. She studied sequential art and storyboarding at Savannah College of Art and Design. You can see her work on her website. Interests include: arguing, science fiction, and bees. She is also a fan of reptiles (including alligators!) 

Lauren Walsh

Website @

Instagram @LaurenWalshArt

Lauren Walsh is a freelance illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her BA in English and Art at the Pennsylvania State University. Lauren specializes in digital media and pen and ink. In her personal work, she explores what it means to be a strong female in comic books and video games. When Lauren isn't healing a Tank who pulls too many mobs or rezing the DPS who stood in the fire (...again), she fosters an appreciation for fantasy and science fiction in her nephew.