SciFi Item Illustrations and More!

February was a crazy month for the team! We polished so much within the game as we begin our race to release this summer.

First things first:

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New Item Illustrations:

We are very excited about our new item illustrations and how they will fit into gameplay. Below is an example interaction once the player has found two required items to open the airlock door.

Also, we've been rethinking the item descriptions and realize that they offer an opportunity to do some world building. Below is an example item from the demo. We made new illustrations for all of the items as well as added new descriptions that will help with world building. We are very excited for players to find all of the hidden items!

New In-Game Posters:

We are also excited to show off some new posters and propaganda that can be found around the game. These will really help to immerse people within the world we've created!