End of the Year Review!

Progress and New Release Window!

By the end of the year, Donald will have finished preliminary programming of the entire game! Since September 2015, the game has changed and grown in scope to include 6 distinct areas of gameplay!

Having these distinct regions allows us to tell an immersive story that we've always wanted. We've brought on a number of new artists to help us polish and finish the game. With that in mind, we expect the game to be finished no later than June 2017. We believe this release window will allow us sufficient time to finish and polish the game, as well as attend to other duties such as attending multiple conferences in the Spring.


We had the amazing Emily H show up to our booth dressed as L! Click the picture to see her Instagram portfolio!

We had the amazing Emily H show up to our booth dressed as L! Click the picture to see her Instagram portfolio!

At the end of October, the team traveled to Gameacon in Atlantic City. We showed off The Mind's Eclipse for two days straight! The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Players were genuinely excited to discover more about the CORE and the Eclipse. And they posed the question: "Who is COSy?"




Other Changes

We are currently rethinking our drag and drop item use system. We find it to be clunky and doesn't make much sense later in the game. We are experimenting replacing it with a menu system. We think this change would make the game stronger since it was never meant to be a true point and click adventure. The items are simply there to guide the player and require them to explore the environments, so that they discover more messages and dialogue topics between the main characters.

New Menu System in Action!

Playable Demo!

If you haven't already, come check out our playable demo, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

The Mind's Eclipse Website Launch and Alpha Footage

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of our website and the first alpha footage of our upcoming video game, The Mind's Eclipse.

Game Description:

The Mind's Eclipse is a visual novel that explores one man's exile from his lifelong goal: initiating human transcendence.

Explore the CORE, a technological mecca for those who live and breathe the Transcendence Movement.

Meet Jonathan Campbell, the celebrity inventor and scientific prophet who builds the CORE and finds himself cast out.

Interact with Isaak and L, artificial intelligences that help you uncover the CORE's secrets, and the history behind Jonathan Campbell's downfall.

Experience over 2 hours of gameplay, reading dialogue, hidden messages and hacking the CORE's data systems.

Beware of COSy.

For the last few months, we've been hard at work crafting a playable alpha to share with people and show off the game's potential.

We hope to have a fully realized playable demo in early 2016 and a finished game by Summer 2016.

We will begin updating this blog with our on-going development story.

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