Press Kit - The Mind's Eclipse

The Studio

Mind’s Eclipse Interactive was founded in September 2015 when Donald Campbell returned from a solo road trip and began assembling a core team of creative people he had met in his travels. Starting with The Mind’s Eclipse, the studio aims to craft soulful, narrative-driven games that allow players to experience who they could be, and reflect on who they are now.
Mind’s Eclipse Interactive is based in Durham, NC.

The Game

Fact Sheet

Developer: Mind's Eclipse Interactive, based in Durham, NC
Release date: January 25th, 2018
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Distribution: Steam,
Price: TBA
Media/streamer contact:


The CORE, a private research station, 2352. Celebrity scientist Jonathan Campbell awakens to a fallen utopia and must search for his loved ones, with the help of L, a mysterious companion.
The Mind's Eclipse is a science-fiction visual novel featuring hand-drawn scenes in black and white, and emotional narrative-driven gameplay. Players will uncover the mystery of the Eclipse and its side-narratives by exploring, searching through logs and journals, and piecing together what happened to the CORE whilst searching for Jonathan’s family.


Donald Campbell was fascinated with storytelling and had contemplated making a story-driven game for a couple of years before bringing The Mind’s Eclipse to life in August 2015, during a solo road trip. From there, he began assembling the core team and released a demo in 2016 along with a successful Steam Greenlight campaign. The Mind’s Eclipse is due for release on PC, Mac and Linux on January 25th, 2018.


  • An interactive fiction in stark black and white, with morally gray characters

  • With the help of a mysterious companion, explore a fallen utopia in search for your loved ones and uncover the mystery of the Eclipse

  • Piece together what led to the CORE's fall from journals and chat logs

  • No dating? No Problem. Every environment is interactive, pulling the player into a science fiction world worth exploring

  • Beware COSy.

Selected Press

"It's very, very interesting. I really do like this!" - Markiplier
“The game’s visual style and atmosphere look excellent” - Nathan Grayson, Kotaku
“A visual novel that touts emotional and intense narrative moments” - Kyree Leary, KillScreen
“The mature and genuinely intriguing sci-fi storyline, combined with the high quality artwork makes you feel like you’ve crawled inside a Dark Horse comic book, keeping you captivated from start to finish” - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer


Download all as .zip (7.84MB)


Dianne Yingst: Illustration
Olivia Mercurio: Supplemental Illustrations
Brandi Parker: Music and SFX
Ryan Baxter: Music and SFX

Donald Campbell: Creative and Studio Director
Christopher Howell: Writer
Langdon Herrick: Writer, Concept Artist
Lauren Walsh: Illustration